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Check  out our daily  menu:

Menu  varies daily!

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Combination Plate

Stewed Chicken or Stewed Beef

with White Rice and Beans or Moro, and Plantains

$12 Chicken $13 Specialty meats

Ribs | Steak | Specialty Meats

 White Rice and Beans or Moro, and Plantains

$13 - $15

*Meats Change Daily Please Visit IG For Daily Menu


Chicken $4

Beef $4

 Pork & Cheese $4

Cheese $4

 Ham & Cheese $4

The Chimi | Dominican Burger Combo

Chicken or Beef, and 1 Juice of Your Choice


Fritura Standard

Tostones, Longaniza, & Salami

with Salsa Delight


*Extra Charge Per Person

Fritura Delight

Tostones, Longaniza, Salami, Fried Chicken, & Chicharron

with Salsa Delight


*Extra Charge Per Person


White Rice $3

 Beans $3

Moro $4 

Tostones $4

 Platano $3

 Chicharron $8

 Yuca $4

Fried Yuca $4


Sancocho $13

Chicken $13

Cocido de pata $13

Mondongo $13


Tres Leches | Bread Pudding | Pan de Yuca | Pan de Batata | Coconete 

*Dessert varies daily, please see our IG for daily menu*




We also offer whole Dominican cakes and tres leches for special events. Please visit our catering page for inquiries and information.

Tostones Silver Spring, MD ManguDelight
ManguDelight Tres Leches Silver Spring, MD
Dominican Chimichurri, Burger Silver Spring, MD

Try our Salsa Delight!


soups served on certain days. check @mangudelight for latest menu!

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Empanada with Salsa Delight Silver Spring, MD
Dominican rice, beans and tostones Silver Spring, MD


Fresh Home made juices

Juices vary daily



Limón $3

Limón - Raspberry $3

Limón - Melon $3

Limón - Grape $3

Morir Soñando $3

Tamarindo $3

Pineapple $3

Guava $3

Papaya $3

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